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    For advice on ways of energy-saving operation of greenhouses experts are ready to continue to provide information on the results of ZINEG project. Please contact the colleagues from the list below directly.

    Vegetable production - hydroponic cultivation techology / glas-covered greenhouses / closed greenhouse concept / cooling systems / heat storage

    Prof. Dr. Uwe Schmidt (Berlin)

    Dr. Peter Kläring (Großbeeren)


    Vegetable Production in organic farming / film greenhouses / energy screening

    Prof. Dr. Joachim Meyer (München)

    Prof. Dr. Karl Schockert (Neustadt)


    Ornamental Plants - new coverning materials for greenhouses / energy screening / climate control strategy, 

    Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Tantau (Hannover)

    Prof. Dr. Bernhard Bessler (Hannover-Ahlem)

    Dr. Dirk Ludolph (Hannover-Ahlem)

    Dr. Andreas Bettin (Osnabrück)





     ZINEG news:

    ZINEG.NET has started.


    ZINEG is the winner ZINEG is the winner for the German Sustainability Award 2014 in the sector research...