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    Greenhouse with low-emissivity-glas

    The aim of the research in Osnabrück is to define production characteristics and energy consumption of a low energy greenhouse. In this part the main focus lies on the technical aspects to reduce the air humidity and to adjust the cultivation methods to the reduced light supply in the greenhouse.
    Therefore a greenhouse complex with 300 m2 base area has been built. The greenhouse complex consists of two greenhouse compartments. One house is covered with low-emissivity glass. The second house is an equivalent to the actual standard in nowadays greenhouse companies.
    The greenhouse complex has a continuous ridge aeration and in addition to the conventional thermal screens a shading screen system at the side walls.




    During the project period the energy saving will be documented. The research will be done at Pelargonium, Impatiens and other pot plants. Pelargonium and Impartiens have high temperature requirements but different light need. Pelargonium needs a high supply and Impatiens a low. The reaction of the plants on the expected lower light supply under low-emissivity glass will be investigated. Another problem in plant production is the high air humidity under low-emissivity glass. Sometechnical arrangements to reduce the air humidity to a level accepted by the plants have to be tested.

    Beside the measurements and the analysis of the grow characteristics of pot plants an economical evaluation of plant quality through pot plant marketer. An economic efficiency calculation for arrangements of thermal insulation will be done with the results of the energy consumption and the economically yield of the greenhouse complex..

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