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    Public Relations

    Public relation and knowledge transfer into practice

    The experimental greenhouses are intended to be lighthouses. That means the solutions of a "low-energy greenhouse" are to be broadcasted to the horticultural practice and horticultural companies are encouraged to imitate. In the project "promotion and transfer" the Association for Technology and Structures in Agriculture (KTBL) assumed responsibility to support the transfer of technology into practice (gardeners, horticultural service providers and consultants) in close cooperation with thefour solutions "closed greenhouse" (Berlin), "max. thermal insulation, integration programs" (Hannover), "neutral carbon dioxide heating" (Munich), “low-emissivity glass” (Osnabrück) and “economic evaluation” (Berlin and Hannover) by publications, presentations and other materials. These transfer measures are used for a research-practice dialogue to support the practical realization of the reduction of fossil fuels. The results of the project are transported into horticultural practice via information sessions, trade fair presentations and online presence.


    Contact details:
    Association for Technology and Structures in Agriculture (KTBL)
    Bartningstr. 49, D-64289 Darmstadt
    Christian Reinhold
    Tel.: +49 6151 7001-151
    Dr. Wolfgang Graf                             
    Tel.: +49 6151 7001-160



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